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About Us


The Blossom Box specializes in long lasting eternity flowers, one of the first to do so in Canada. Though our flowers are preserved, their prices are comparable to fresh and the solution used is eco-friendly. Curated by floral designers in a custom made acrylic box, our luxurious arrangements are a thing of beauty. As the petals are still soft, the flowers look fresh, and our signature ribbon completes the look. There is even compartments for jewellery or other treasures. This is where glamour meets practical. We offer roses in any size and color, but we also offer an Enchanted Collection of other flowers – ask us for details!


Preserving Our Flowers

Unlike silk flowers, these are real flowers that have been rehydrated with
glycerine so the petals remain soft. The solution we use is made of eco-friendly ingredients that meet environment standards. Even our packaging is recyclable. 


Unparalleled Customer Service

Yes, it’s been said before but we mean it – we go above and beyond for our customers to offer them a high end experience. Really. You will be singing our praises!


Commitment to Sustainability

Preserved flowers are clearly a sustainable choice. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Less waste – while flowers are bio-degradable, there is less waste as flowers don’t need to be replaced as often. No more packaging going to landfill.
  • Preserved flowers don’t need to be watered, not even in transit.
  • Preserved flowers do not need refrigeration during transport, so they use less energy.
  • As preserved flowers last long and reduce the need for the transportation of flowers, buying them helps to lower our carbon footprint.
  • Fresh flowers require water, fertilizers, pesticides and energy to grow and only last a week or two. Cutting back on this helps the environment.

Supporting Local

If you care about supporting local, please know we do as well. We work with local stores and vendors and consider the lifeblood of our community!  


We work with OpTrust on an annual basis, donating our flowers to their fundraising event, Scrub in the City. We also donate to Sick Kids Hospital on a regular basis.